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Keeping Cool During Climate Change

How the way you dress can impact the future of global warming— and the best ensemble for the ever-changing elements

There is no denying that the heat wave is upon us, thanks to global warming. Donald Trump can deny climate change all he wants but he can’t stop the inevitable. To relate this to fashion, it would seem that the traditional Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections will soon be obsolete. But how does one dress for this very random weather? And can the fashion choices we make now, influence the outcome of this pressing problem?

Here in South East Asia, we have been teeter tottering between scorching summer heat and sudden downpours of heavy rain, sometimes both on the same day! Are weather apps even reliable?

But the truth is, the real and only way, to actually keep cool during climate change is to dress responsibly, which means being mindful of your fashion choices. Here at Forth Co. we can’t stress enough the importance of sustainability within the closet. Even small environmental shifts in the way you pick your outfits can help the earth exponentially.

 Here are four tips to climate change-proof your outfit:

1. Choose natural fibres over synthetic (i.e. Linen, cotton, hemp, etc.)

Clothing made from natural material is more breathable and lightweight, perfect for a hot spell. Additionally, since it comes from mother earth, they are compostable, which gives them serious points in the fight against global warming— it lessens the number of things going into the landfill that release harmful toxins.

2. Sleeveless tops are your best friend

You can never go wrong with a simple tank top. The versatility this piece brings makes it perfect for any weather. You can wear it simply on its own or as an under garment to layer something over.

3. Carry a scarf (or other layering piece) with you at all times

Because the weather is so unpredictable, brining a layer piece like a scarf or cardigan is a fool-proof way to make sure you are ready for whatever the weather throws at you. Plus, scarves in general can elevate any outfit, giving you a charming Parisian look. — très chic!

4. Upcycle your old things into new outfits or accessories

The best thing about art and self expression is that you can create beauty out of literally anything. One of the best things you can do to help combat climate change is to keep waste low— and you can even create something beautiful to wear while you’re at it! Like this bag made from upcycled parts of soda cans. So get creative and DIY yourself something dazzling, the planet will thank you. 

So at the end of the day, the best trend in fashion is to be sustainably stylish. Just like what Coco Chanel says, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” And Earth is relying on us to move towards a style that can remain beneficial to all people, creatures and ecosystems. Being conscious of all this, already puts you in a winning position and together we can save the planet, one outfit at a time.

Since we’re on the topic of hot weather, if you’re ever in a situation where you need a quick fix: you can never go wrong with ice cream.. It solves problems of the heat and problems of the heart.

Keep cool always,

Forth Co.

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