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A Ladder to Sustainability

An article by Clarisse Co.

Sustain + Ability is a tightrope everyone's mastering. A balancing act on a global scale as Scientists continue to generate convincing evidence about climate change, environmental pollution, and resource depletion. The main goal is to satisfy the three pillars of people, prosperity, and the environment. However, with all the evidence from researches and studies, humans are mostly to blame. This concludes that only we can bring change to the world were slowly damaging. Here are a few ladder steps to that transformation.


Recognize your waste.

Every day, we produce waste without even acknowledging if it can be recycled, or reused. From all the packaging, the toiletries, the take-outs, the clothes we wear, and so on and so forth, the list just keeps going. Did you know that waste can actually be classified into five different types? These include liquid waste, solid rubbish, organic waste, recyclable rubbish, and hazardous waste.

Step 1 in the ladder is to list down everything you throw. I suggest you write this down, but if you’re used to typing it on your laptop or phone, that's alright. This exercise will take time so don’t rush yourself. Once you start listing down your waste, you’ll now be aware of the waste you produce.


Temporary to Lasting

Step 2: Identify which one in your list is temporary. Which one have you thrown after single used? What was made of out plastic? Was there something in it that could have been recycled? Could have it been donated or reused? In answering these questions, you’ll be able to categorize your waste. In line with this, you’re now opening yourself in the change that can happen. 

Google is your best friend.

After categorizing your waste, it’s time to research. You might say “I don’t know where to start.” or “Oh my this is a long list.”, even “I don’t have time for this.”. Now I am reminding you, Google is your best friend. An item in your list may take you only 5 minutes to read on. The purpose of this is to find a replacement, how to reuse the item, where can you possibly bring the item which it can have a different purpose, or even unleash the creativity in you.

There are a lot of ways and articles now that serves as our guide. In changing plastic toothbrushes to bamboo brushes, in instead of using a plastic straw get yourself a bamboo straw or metal straws, in exchange of cotton balls use reusable cotton pads, in learning about eco-bricks, etc. It’s all one click away. 

“The Capacity to Endure”

Step 4 is another way to describe sustainability, the capacity to endure. Deciding to change for a cause might be hard in the beginning. Sometimes, you might go back to your old ways. It will be a challenge but it’s going to be worth it. Your commitment will change you, affect the people around you, and later on the environment.

The ability to sustain is an everyday practice that soon many of us will master. The steps above are just a jumpstart. As you do it more often, you'll add more steps in your own ladder. Are you up for it?



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